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The renovation of the mansion maintained, as far as possible, the original structure and materials, including stone, part of the wooden floor and decorative elements, preserving as much as possible the soul of the place. To implement this idea, our Torel 1884 - Suites & Apartments had several partners from Porto.

The architectural project is signed by Miguel Nogueira and the interior design was in charge of Nano Design , a studio that had previously been responsible for the rooms at the Torel Avantgarde . In this project, the mission was to enhance the architectural beauty of the building, with the theme of the cultural diversity of the Discoveries present in all spaces. Everything has been thought out in detail, with made-to-measure joinery, making use of the siding, the traditional art of making tassels and other decorative elements by hand, which at Torel give a personalized touch to each room, and using, whenever possible, , to Portuguese suppliers and artisans.

The interiors also had the collaboration of the artists Jorge Curval and João Pedro Rodrigues . The first is responsible for the large-scale paintings that punctuate the various spaces, in a personalized interpretation of the chosen themes. The work of the second is evident right at the entrance. Starting from the muses of Os Lusíadas , he created an installation that harbors opposing and complementary forces; the immaterial and the material, the ethereal and the human. Exposed face to face on two walls, on the left are six white heads that represent the goddesses of nature, purity and the celestial, on the opposite side are thirteen dark heads that portray the material world and humans with all their frailties. and limitations.